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Shop Your Stash

Have you ever watched any of the decluttering or living for less type TV shows?

You often come across experts showing people how to “shop their wardrobe”. This means taking out every garment they own – often a large amount including unworn garments, thanks to fast fashion – and creating new outfits as if they were in a clothes shop. It can also mean having a clothes swap with other family members or friends.

It occurred to us that if you have a yarn stash, it could be possible to “shop it” in the same way. We’re by no means saying that anyone out there has a yarn stash thanks to fast fashion but it is true that many knitters and crocheters have significant amounts of yarn in stock in their homes.

You may have bought a sweater quantity of yarn for a project that you fell out of love for or simply was distracted from, spotted a bargain that you’d definitely use, or collected beautiful skeins of hand-dyed simply because you fell for the colours. But it is easy to forget what we’ve got.

Use bookshelves or a storage unit to create displays of your stash yarn

At this time of tightening purse strings, it might be a good time to unpack your stash and think about how you might use it.

Don’t just heap your yarn on the sofa. Take time to display it by type or colour so you can properly assess what you have.

It may be worth separating the yarns where you have enough for an adult or children’s garment and see what jumps out at you for a new sweater or two. See if any of it can be used for any of those patterns you have been meaning to make.

Take the same approach for smaller amounts that could be used for hats, mitts, socks or shawls, etc. And for combinations of yarns that might make a beautiful blanket.

If you don’t have patterns queued up and ready to go, take some time to browse some knitting magazines, or your favourite designer or yarn company websites. And don’t forget you can buy patterns from your local yarn shop.

In fact, shopping your stash doesn’t mean going on a yarn diet or popping into your favourite yarn shop. There is no reason not to top up your projects with some new yarns. For example, something in a neutral shade to set off a skein or two of hand-dyed yarn that you want to use in colourwork. Shopping your stash is about taking new inspiration from items you have already liked enough to bring into your life.

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