Our first Yarnstravaganza hits the spot

Did you go to any of our Yarnstravaganza celebratory events at yarns shops last month?

Hundreds of shops ran events, did giveaways or offered special discounts in the week long celebration of local yarn retailers. The result was shops having more customers during the week and new knitters and crocheters discovering them.

Below is what a few of the shops had to say. We’d love to hear from customers too. Add your story in the comments.

Fiona Burks, Yarn Etc

Thank you so much, it’s been a great experience and our customers loved it. Usually in the run up to Yarndale our business has a quiet week as we are so close but this year we had an amazing week.

Deborah Rycroft, Jinty and Baa Needlecrafts

I put a huge amount of effort in to my events and was exhausted by the end but it did definitely created a buzz around the shop again and the feedback from my core customers specifically has been very good. Looking forward to next year.

Samantha Spence, Crafts of Thirsk

I thoroughly enjoyed the build up, planning theme days and the week itself. I don’t usually open on Sundays but decided to do a Christmas themed day, I didn’t think it would be busy but I actually had a queue waiting for me to open and it was a great success.

Amanda Pidgeon, High Street Stitches

As a tiny wool shop I appreciate any help and I thought it was a lovely event with lots of support.

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